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Below are the coolgifs we have made since 2/27/99
These Gif files are not your average animated GIF files
The subjects will range widely from cartoon subjects to
popular culture movies, to psychedelic art and more.
Our coolgifs or animated images are FREE to use.   
E-mail us at
We like to see how others use out trippy animated gifs.
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fat albert skateboard         spanky monkey!
calvin as king kong visualize peace!
waffle disappears mushmouth
calvin & hobbes at the beach
calvin moving around-3/15/99
vw bugs driving
  vw bus
jerry welcome
john belushi animal house
john belushi food fight
grateful dead planets
homersimpson bowling
lisa simpson on acid
grateful dead cyclops icon
blues brothers jamming
bobs country bunker
animal house toga
john belushi- faces
lisa simpson dancing- New! 3/12/99
fat albert skateboarding-new 3/13/99
calvin & hobbes jump for joy-cool! new
calvin dissolving -trippy 3/14/99
grateful dead family values
cats under the stars animated
blues brothers drinking w/cab calloway
trippy mushrooms
northern exposure moose moving
allman brothers truck rolling
John Lennon & Nixon partying
Waffle House Banner
Dr Seuss Hop On Pop 3/15/99
Dr Seuss Pup In Tent 3/16/99
Cat In Hat Simple


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We like to see how people use these animated gifs! Any suggestions-write below!

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